Womens sandals as the perfect addition to your summer outfit.

Womens sandals as the perfect addition to your summer outfit.

A matching pair of sandals serves the outfit as the missing I dot. They not only give the outfit that certain something, but also enjoy the comfort and airiness that sandals offer you during warm days. At www.milija.ch you will find many different lady sandals in oversizes.

Sandals are one of the oldest basic shoe shapes, but are still worn in many different ways every summer. Sandals are mainly characterized by their airiness and lightness, which is why they are in fashion every summer. So they are one of the few timeless basic shoe shapes.

Only the right pair of sandals makes an outfit complete in summer

The choice of sandals is huge. Besides a large variety of materials there are also many different designs. Even the heel can vary a lot. Thick or thin heels, in different patterns or plain colors, in different heel lengths or even without heel: there are many different combinations to suit every taste. There are also a lot of different closures. There is also something for every individual need, for example a velcro closure for people who need a quick fix. Or a shiny strap closure, which attracts attention, for especially trend-conscious people. But the greatest variety is offered by the material and the color of the sandals. Probably the most common material is leather, as it is also the highest quality and offers many advantages. For example, dirt can be removed very easily. It is also an extremely durable material. Even if you get into a summer thunderstorm, the sandals will stand up to it. Good quality is very important to us so that the sandals keep their good condition but also offer you the best possible comfort. Because oversized sandals are more difficult to find, quality and comfort often go under. Exactly this problem www.milija.ch wants to counteract. To ensure the best possible comfort, the soles of our sandals are always made of rubber. This is only one of many quality aspects. Take a look at our wide range of products and find out more about the respective models!

Choose the right shoe seller

On https://milija.ch/damenschuhe/sandalen-uebergroessen/ you will find a wide selection of oversized sandals. Our selected models in best quality are trendy, stylish and above all they offer highest comfort. Find your perfect sandals in oversizes and let milija.ch become the shoe seller of your confidence!


Women’s boots – a fashionable accessory for almost every season

Women’s boots – a fashionable accessory for almost every season

In rainy Switzerland, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop sharply in August and for people to no longer be able to wear their beautiful summer shoes, such as open sandals. Especially in the evenings, the temperatures tend to drop quickly, and you quickly get cold feet. Summer is also a long time in coming and likes to hide behind a rainy spring. Boots are therefore a popular fashion accessory that can be combined in many different ways and are perfect for almost every season.

Although boots can be used in many ways, there is often a lack of selection of good quality women’s boots, especially boots for women with oversizes, so shoe size 42 and up. But not at www.milija.ch! Because with us you will find a large selection of high quality and trendy ladies boots in oversizes!

Comfortable and trendy – the best of both worlds!

The biggest problem of every woman, especially of every woman with big shoe size, is to find the perfect pair of boots. This should be comfortable, look good and be trendy. The quality should also not leave anything to be desired and the boots should last a long time. Comfort, trend and quality. These are the three golden keywords for the perfect pair of boots for women. Your shoe salesman www.milija.ch meets exactly these three requirements.

Comfort is one of the most important aspects, regardless of the shoe. Nobody wants to have blisters on their feet after a 30-minute walk. In addition, the shoe should be breathable and adapt to the foot.

Unfortunately, comfort does not always go hand in hand with quality, as comfort can often be achieved with soft materials. Quality and durability, on the other hand, are more likely to be achieved with hard materials. This contradiction is met by www.milija.ch and offers you the perfect medium as a solution. Quality is not only important for the longevity of the boot, but also for other factors, such as protection against water and dirt. Boots are very popular in autumn and winter. Since it rains and snows a lot during these seasons, water protection is extremely important. Every moment with wet feet is a moment too much! The high-quality material should also be able to repel dirt. Therefore, the shoe salesman www.milija.ch decided for leather as material, in order to repel water and dirt optimally and facilitate the cleaning of the boots.

Every stylish woman wants to have trendy boots that round off every outfit, no matter whether in autumn, winter or spring. Our selected models are not only of high quality, but also particularly tasteful. Inspire yourself now at www.milija.ch and find your perfect oversized boots!