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Ballerinas as the perfect complement for warmer days

Ballerinas – comfortable and stylish through day and night The feminine all-rounders round off any outfit during warmer days. Ballerinas can be optimally combined with dresses as well as pants. They are as versatile as hardly any other shoe: wear ballerinas in the workday, in the evening to a romantic dinner, during a discovery tour […]


Women’s boots – a fashionable accessory for almost every season

Women’s boots – a fashionable accessory for almost every season In rainy Switzerland, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop sharply in August and for people to no longer be able to wear their beautiful summer shoes, such as open sandals. Especially in the evenings, the temperatures tend to drop quickly, and you quickly […]

Pumps in oversizes – the all-rounder for every woman

Pumps in oversizes – the all-rounder for every woman Whether for the everyday job in the office, an elegant evening in a noble restaurant or even for a job interview, the classic pumps always prove to be a faithful companion of every woman with style. With large sizes you will catch many shoe salesmen at […]

Ladies Shoes in Oversizes – Big Shoes for Women

Finding oversized shoes is a real challenge. It is obvious that standard sizes have a much higher turnover in the market and are therefore much easier to find. With oversizes or undersizes this unfortunately looks completely different. Higher production costs, coupled with lower purchase quantities, have an impact on the price. Experience has driven us to become strong in this market segment.

We from milija GmbH would like to contribute our part to ensure that also ladies with oversizes find a suitable and inexpensive shoe. We want our customers to have a wide range of ladies shoes in oversizes and we are happy to be able to constantly expand our range. Shop conveniently online at www.milija.ch and try on the shoes you have ordered at home.

Classic, modern, sexy, extravagant – despite special sizes 

We rarely leave the house without shoes. They are our daily companion, so to speak. Shoes have long since become more than just a practical piece of clothing that keeps your feet warm and protects them from dirt. Be it the lifestyle, the attitude or the fashionable taste of the wearer. But shoes can also contain an erotic component. Why should this only be possible for women in standard sizes?

The right shoe for your outfit

We have the choice – you are spoilt for choice. Ballerinas or moccasins to a sporty, casual outfit. Sandals for the beautiful summer days – combined with an airy dress. Discreet high heels or pumps for everyday business or glittering bridal shoes for the perfect wedding. If it’s too cold or the weather just doesn’t cooperate, boots or ankle boots are a good choice. Which shoe should it be?

Shoes up to size 46

The demand for a perfect fit, choice of materials and colour combinations inspired us to have shoes produced with our own brand Milija Milano. Milija Milano shoes are available (depending on the model) in the oversizes 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46. In addition to our own brand, other brands such as Pretty Ballerinas, Bella B, AEROBICS, Brunate, Lorbac, Mustang, Remonte etc. complement our range.